Why does my pet need to see the Doctor before receiving most medications?

Most of our medications are prescription medications. This means that medications are licensed by the Canada Food and Drug Agency or the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Their licenser dictates that they must only be dispensed by a Doctor, following the Doctor assessing the patient for physical health, suitability of the medication, and appropriate dosing for the individual case. Certain conditions are known to require continual medication. For such cases, after assessment a certain number of refills will be permitted before the Doctor must re-assess the patient to ensure none of their parameters have changed. Some conditions/medications dictate that tests be performed at regular intervals to ensure the continued appropriate usage and dose of the prescribed medication

For conditions that are expected to resolve following their course of medication, the Doctor will usually need to re-assess the patient before medication can be refilled to determine if the condition remains the same and why the problems have persisted when they were expected to resolve. Often a change in medication is indicated.

If you are a new client, the Doctor will need to perform a quick physical examination of your pet and obtain a full history to set up a medical file and allow the Doctor to continue to dispense their medications.